Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Harry Potter and the Feverish Knitter

With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows mere days/hours away, I continue to furiously finish knitting little items for my family members to wear when we go (unbeknown to them, MmWaaHaaHaa).

Yes, I am, by extension of my Frisby-ness, an HP Geek!

You see, we have a tradition in the Frisby family, and that is we all see the HP movies together, as one crazy family unit.  We
shared and read the books when they first came out, so it's only natural we'd continue that into the films.  We are 10 strong, and present a formidable force in any theater...

So far completed in my personal HP knitting challenge (mostly found on Ravelry.com, all free patterns):

Gryffindor Scarf  
Gryffindor Slouchy Beret
Slytherin Fingerless gloves
Fingerless Quidditch Gloves 
Ravenclaw Tie (see above Gryffindor Scarf link)

OMN (on my needles) at the moment is one Slytherin Skull Cap...I hope to incorporate the Dark Mark on it if I can figure out how to shrink the current intarsia chart I have. 
Knitting is one big learning adventure for me!

Next blog; I've promised my animals an introduction.  They are contemplating the group nom de plume of "Fris's Frizzy Frrriends"  I'm trying to talk them out of that.


  1. You've inspired me and I started to go to Michael's today to get yarn to make spirit scarves for my niece's band. Alas, my sick kid called first, and I looked longingly in the store doorway as I trudged back to the car.

  2. Yea! I mean, boo! Sick kid trumps yummy yarn, no 2 ways about it, Marcia! Michael's is great in a pinch (they carry the new Debbie Stoller yarns), but I know for a fact that the Bay Area has some amazing LYSs! Since I moved away before realizing all that I was missing, I want to live vicariously through my mom friends I left behind. Very few choices when you live in a village of 1400 people. Hmmmm, ImagiKnit in SF springs to mind...